Without shelter, many things are just not possible. It is a basic building block which helps families and individuals to be healthy, safe and secure. It is CMCA's position that housing is a right, not a privilege.

In 1994, CMCA was recognized as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) by the Missouri Housing Development Commission and in 1999 the City of Columbia designated CMCA as a CHDO as well. The agency is also a Community Development Corporation and is designated a Rural LISC agency. These designations have helped CMCA to partner with various for profit developers and non-profit partners to complete a number of multi and single family housing units through the service area thereby providing affordable housing opportunities for low income individuals.

Housing Development

Direct housing development related activities include:

Single Family Housing
Homeownership provides the opportunity for those of low and moderate income to find a place to live and a home to call their own. It empowers individuals and families by building assets and wealth which is one of the true means for a family to move out of poverty. CMCA utilizes a number of programs which provide down payment assistance as well as partner with lending institutions, the City of Columbia, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Rural LISC, Habitat, and Columbia Builds Youth programs in constructing and making available homes for purchase or rent.

If you are interested in constructing your own home, CMCA has available buildable lots in the Gladview Gardens subdivision in Vandalia, Missouri.

To find out if there are any current homes available for sale or if you are interested in purchasing a lot, please contact: 573-443-8706 ext 1090.

Multi-Family Housing
Multi-family rental housing development provides for safe, affordable housing for families, the elderly, and the disabled insuring those of low and moderate incomes a place to live at a reasonable price. Through CMCHDC Properties, Ltd., Central Missouri Community Action is a partner on a number of apartment complexes in the region. While each development is unique, the agency’s participation has ranged from a general partner (or co-general partner) to property manager. The agency has participated in various Missouri Housing Development Commission programs including tax credits and CHDO funds which have enabled a number of affordable housing projects being developed and rehabilitated in the service area.

If you are interested in learning more about the availability of apartment in these developments, please contact each complex independently. You may click on the names to get directions.

Apple Manor
301 Lexington Rd
Pleasant Hill, MO
24 units
Hanover Gardens & Estates
1601 Hanover BLVD.
Columbia, MO
60 Units
Columbia Oaks
609 Columbia
Centralia, MO
16 Units
Chapel Hill Commons
3521 Chapel Hill Rd
Jefferson City, MO
44 Units
Mexico Apartments
2717 S. Clark St.
Mexico, MO
44 Units
Rankin Mills
2252 Rankin Hill Rd.
Boonville, MO
48 Units
Weathered Rock
833 Weathered Rock Rd.
Jefferson City, MO
48 Units
Woodcrest Village
1993 Woodcrest Place
De Soto, MO
48 Units